Funky Baby Clothes: Make Your Gift Stand Out From the Rest

Funky Baby Clothes: Make Your Gift Stand Out From the Rest

Baby clothes are a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, christenings or the celebration of a new arrival and are always a present that will be appreciated by both parent and child. However, it is sometimes the case that baby clothes can look quite similar to each other and so you might want to get something a bit different, to set your gift apart from the rest. Rather than going for plain, pastel-coloured baby clothes, there are lots of funky designs out there to start off a child’s first wardrobe.

Animal Print

Lots of baby clothes have animals printed somewhere on them, but animal-print designs on a babygrow would make a really unique and funky gift for baby girls and boys alike. The most popular animal-print styles are the zebra, leopard and tiger and all babies are sure to look both adorable and cool in a babygrow printed with one of these designs. You can also buy hats and booties in animal-print, so a whole outfit would be a really unique gift for new-born babies.

Spots and Stripes

Stripes and polka dots will never go out of style and clothes in these patterns are a cool gift for baby girls and baby boys. Stripes and spots allow for an endless amount of colour combinations, so you’re bound to find a funky design of baby grow or t- st louis cardinals cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt to suit the child you are buying for.

Funny Baby Clothes

Humorous gifts are always appreciated, so a funny slogan or picture on a babygrow or t- st louis cardinals cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt will provide something for adults to laugh at as well as something cool for a baby to wear. Everyone will smile at a funny piece of text the baby’s clothes, so a funny babygrow would be the perfect gift for any occasion. It’s also a chance to buy something a bit more personal, so that not only is the baby kitted out in a cute new outfit, but the gift will also be unique to the baby’s parents.

Personalised Gifts

Having baby clothes personalised for a present is a unique and creative idea which is sure to create a gift which will be remembered in years to come. There are many ways in which you could personalise a babygrow or t-shirt. For example, you could have a witty piece of text that is personal to you, the baby or his or her parents, or you could simply get the baby’s name printed on the back or front of the garment. A popular idea for personalised baby clothes is having their name printed on the back of a t-shirt, football-style, with a number emblazoned underneath. This would make a cool gift for baby boys and it would be a funky outfit for a baby girl as well.

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