Free Golf Tips - 3 Beginner's Golf Tips That Will Hide Your Inexperience

Free Golf Tips - 3 Beginner's Golf Tips That Will Hide Your Inexperience

Free Golf Tips #1 – Do you know what the proper etiquette is if you, as a single player, are paired with a group and you want to play the shorter sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công) while the group plays from the tips? You may be very tempted to go along with the group, but you actually will be best served by playing the tees that are most appropriate for you. The problem arises when a group of players play from different tees and the result is: needless waiting. Tip: As soon as the player from the very back tees has hit his ball, even if it’s still in the air, start your sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công). Don’t wait because you are trying to be polite. Just go. While the group is teeing off, think about your club selection.

Free Golf Tips #2 – Remember common sense while you’re driving your golf cart on the course. Drive at a moderate speed, always watching for other golfers. Be sure to obey the rule signs posted, such as: Keep carts on path at all times and the 90 Degree Rule (Stay on the cart path until you are at a 90 degree angle with your ball). Only then should you drive your cart straight out to your ball. After you’ve taken your shot, drive back to the cart path. And under all circumstances, keep your carts away from the greens and off the teeing ground.

Free Golf Tips #3 – Speed up the game by playing “Hit when Ready” golf whenever it is appropriate. This means the golfer who is ready to hit the ball can do so, even if he isn’t the farthest from the hole. It’s okay to do this if you’re not playing in a tournament. When golfers have to wait too long in between shots, they get very impatient and end up losing their momentum. To keep a good pace while approaching the green, determine where the next sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công) is and leave your clubs on that side of the green. Next, if you are using a motorized cart and players are on different sides of the fairway, drop them off and meet again down the fairway after their shots. Note: Make sure your friends know when you are hitting (for safety reasons) and also because you don’t want everyone hitting at the same time.

write by Godiva