Fashion Makeovers - How to Enhance Your Shape With a Fashion Makeover

Fashion Makeovers - How to Enhance Your Shape With a Fashion Makeover

There is no such thing as the perfect figure. Most women who look good know their body shape and how to wear the right clothes to boost their figures. Fashion makeovers are a great way to help you to learn how to look sassy every day. Choosing clothes which highlight your good parts and hide the bits you’re not so keen on, to give you a sense of proportion, is very important.

Choosing the Right Clothes for Your Shape

For example, a woman with a large bust and short legs should wear long trousers and high heels to lengthen her legs with medium to high necklines to highlight rather than expose her cleavage.

Fashion makeovers are extremely popular these days with TV shows such as Trinny and Susannah, Gok Wan’s style show and Style by Jury to name but a few.

These, often dramatic, fashion makeovers might give you inspiration to take a look at your own style to improve not only your look and figure but also your confidence. But how do you do this if you are unsure of what clothes actually suit you?

Expert Fashion Makeovers

The best way is to get help is from a fashion makeovers expert who can help you be part of the latest fashion trends by incorporating items into your staple wardrobe which will suit you.

For example, some styles in vogue currently are leggings or jeggings. Bigger women may feel daunted by these, but providing you pair them with the right top, they can be worn by anyone. A beautiful kaftan hides all the lumps and bumps and, when teamed with either high heeled boots for evening or flats for daytime and some well chosen accessories, allows anyone to take on this style with confidence.

Knowing your own body shape is not always easy and if you are serious about a fashion makeover it is always advisable to get professional help from a style consultant because it will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Imagine having your very own Trinny or Susannah advising you on which gorgeous clothes to choose to make you look even more scrumptious, no matter what your lifestyle.

Style Comfort

Although it’s great to have such a huge choice of clothes these days, this choice can make choosing very difficult, especially when trying to find the clothes that suit you best. Knowing your body shape is the crux of any fashion makeover.

To start with it’s important to choose clothes you are comfortable in, this doesn’t mean sticking to that old jumper and jeans every day, but comfort in the form of style, such as a white linen dallas cowboys hawaiian shirt with well fitted jeans can be just as comfortable but look much more stylish.

Incorporating the latest fashion trend into your outfit is fine, as long as you ensure you have a capsule wardrobe, put together with your body shape in mind, as a base to work with.

Body Shape Misconceptions

One of the most common body shapes is an apple shape which means you have a full chest, upper back, with no or little waist definition. Another sign is that you tend to store fat around your middle.

Although many women may think of an apple body shape as looking overweight, it isn’t true. Celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley and Catherine Zeta-Jones all have apple body shapes but their stylists help them to dress so they bring their figures into proportion and look great from the beach to the red carpet.

So if you have a shape that isn’t quite in proportion, all you need to do is get some good advice on dressing for your body shape then hit the shops!

write by Jon Brecht

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