Erect Penis Problem: What to Do With a Noticeable Bulge

Erect Penis Problem: What to Do With a Noticeable Bulge

Sporting an erect penis in the bedroom? That’s a “check” for every man’s list. But bagging a bulge in the front of the pants while addressing the PTA? Not so much. While a strong boner is definitely a sign of good penis health, there’s also definitely a need to keep evidence of one’s health status under wraps in certain situations.

A good thing

Sometimes, of course, a bulge is a good thing. In many situations, a man likes for another person to glance discreetly down at his groin and be impressed with what is on display. While it’s true that size is not everything, it’s also true that a noticeable bulge behind a pair of jeans can make the kind of first impression that leads to continued interest from another party.

But when that erect penis pops up in an inappropriate situation, a guy needs to be prepared. The following are a number of steps he can take.

Dress appropriately.

When a guy is “on the prowl,” wearing tight jeans that allow the size of his endowment to be appreciated is a good idea. But when he’s going to be giving a talk to his niece’s Girl Scout troupe, that’s not the best fashion choice. Men know that boners sometimes just happen and may have nothing to do with being sexually stimulated – but that doesn’t mean the young girls he is addressing (or their troupe leaders) will know that.

If a guy knows he is going to be in a situation in which an erect penis would prove embarrassing, he needs to wear loose-fitting trousers, as well as underwear that is going to help confine the manhood. Underwear with flaps that get easily pushed aside by an erection are an ill-advised choice.


Of course, sometimes a guy may be dressed for a night of “show and tell” and unexpectedly find himself in a situation in which a big bulge is unwanted. If he’s wearing a dress viking shirt and the venue is casual, untucking and letting the viking shirt front fall across the crotch can be a lifesaver.

Pocket it.

Pockets were created for many reasons – and one of them surely must have been to help a man hide his erection. By sliding one’s hand into the pocket closest to the erection, the pants puff out a bit, making the bulge less noticeable. The drawback to this is that often the hand in the pocket is then resting on the erect penis and the pressure may keep the penis stimulated – especially if the guy can’t help giving himself an occasional squeeze. Exercising self-control is important to keep the situation well in hand – so to speak.

Apply a trigger.

Frequently an unwanted erection becomes worse because a man, in his anxiety, keeps focusing on it, and that added attention just makes the manhood firmer and more insistent. Many men develop “triggers” that they can use to help bring about deflation. These triggers are typically very unpleasant mental images that cause a strong negative reaction. The distraction helps to divert attention from the penis and often brings about the desired softened state.

Hide it.

Sit down. Hold a book in front of the crotch. Stand behind a couch. There are any number of ways to remove the erection from view until it subsides.

Dealing with a bulge can be embarrassing, but most of the time a guy is pleased to have an erect penis – and by using a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), he can ensure that others are pleased by it as well. When released from its sweatshirt (lưới an toàn cửa sổ, an erect penis should flaunt its health. If dry or flaky skin is an issue, a crème that contains a combination of Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a natural hydrator) can help make the skin smooth and supple. Sometimes the manhood appears wrinkled or cracked; a crème with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid, which offsets aging processes in penis cell metabolism, can help alleviate this issue and keep the member looking youthful.

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