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Baby shower games can be a lot of fun for some people. Others find them embarrassing, or just not their style. So how do you entertain your baby shower guests if you don’t play games at the shower? Here are a few ideas.

Make keepsake crafts for the new baby. Have the guests decorate t-shirts, piggy banks, or other keepsakes for the new baby.

Have a scrapbook party. Have each of the guests create a scrapbook page where mommy can just add pictures and text to easily have a complete scrapbook page.

Have a barbeque, tea part, or garden party. These parties lend themselves well to just mixing. Put on some nice music in the background, have great snacks for the guests, and let everyone relax and talk to one another. This is a great idea for showers where most of the guests will know one another. If the guests don’t know each other at all, then you may need to schedule some sort of activity to break the ice.

Host a spa party. If the party is going to be just the girls, take time to pamper the new mom, and each other, or bring in someone to pamper everyone. Mom will love having some time that’s just about her before the baby is born.

Notes of Advice. Have each guest write a note of advice to the new mom. You can then either just gather them up and put them into a nice box or book, or you can have them read them to her as an ice breaker.

Show a movie. Choose a fun, baby, pregnancy, or family related movie, have fun snacks, and let everyone enjoy relaxing together.

Have a Karaoke night. You’ll definitely need the right crowd to pull this one off, but if you have a karaoke type crowd coming, let them Karaoke. Everyone can still have lots of time to visit and there’ll be plenty of laughs to go around.

A custom book. This will take a bit of work to put together ahead of time, but it is something the new mom is sure to treasure. Ask each guest to send you a picture and a sentence to go with the picture. Put them together and create a beautiful book for the baby. Make sure you put each person’s name at the bottom of their page. Pick a theme so the book makes sense. Baby Animals, ABC’s (you’d need to assign letters for this one), Special Memories of Your Mommy, or any other topic that is baby appropriate should work nicely.

Share a story. Ask guests to think of stories of crazy things they’ve done with the expecting mom or expecting parents. Have them share them at the shower. Be nice and let them know ahead of time, and you’re sure to get wonderful stories.

Slide Show – Put together a nice slideshow of the expecting couple. Include pictures of when they were children, all the way through present day. Everyone will enjoy the trip down memory lane.

There are so many entertainment options for baby showers. You don’t have to stick with the silly and crazy games if you don’t want to. Find something that suits you, the pregnant mommy, and the guests, and you are sure to have a hit.


write by bennett