Dress Up Your Jewelry Wardrobe With a Swiss Blue Topaz Ring

Dress Up Your Jewelry Wardrobe With a Swiss Blue Topaz Ring

There is no better way to dress up your jewelry wardrobe than to add a little color with Swiss blue topaz rings. The beautiful, rich color of Swiss blue topaz incorporates beautifully into a variety of wardrobes and is the perfect addition to your existing gemstone ring collection. The cool, ice blue color compliments any skin tone and is the perfect accessory for daytime or evening wear. Whether you’re looking for something special to adorn your right hand or a substitute to a wedding ring – or even a gemstone engagement ring, a ring comprised of a single solitaire gem is a sure winner.

If you’ve been perusing online jewelry stores and frequenting malls in search of that perfect Swiss blue topaz ring – then look no further. Featured on Amazon, courtesy of SuperJeweler.com, is an amazing combination of a cool blue topaz stone circled by a striking contrast of glittery, white diamonds This beautiful 3 and 2/3 carat dazzler is perfect for first time gem buyers or anyone looking to add new gorgeous pieces of jewelry to their assortment of precious gemstones. Surrounded by ½ carat of pave’ diamonds and encased in 14k white gold, this gemstone sparkler is a must have for any fashionista that doesn’t mind (and even revels in) being the center of attention! A classy, yet stylish and polished look that is sure to become a wardrobe favorite.

Pair this gemstone ring with jeans and an embellished T- viking zip up los angeles clippers t shirt or with a simple suit that needs something extra – either way, you can’t go wrong. Fashion icons everywhere know that long gone are the days where you only sport your gems on special occasions. Nowadays, jewelry preferences are as individual as the people who wear them and are appropriate for everyday wear. Statement rings are now splashed across the pages of glossy magazines as the ‘go to’ accessories and are perfect for lunch with the girls or dinner with your significant other; you really don’t need a reason to wear one. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find any excuse to don a fabulous statement ring (or two) just because.

In my humble opinion, there doesn’t need to be a particular reason to look and feel fabulous.

Because of its beauty and versatility, blue topaz jewelry will continue to blaze trails in gem jewelry. As one of the premiere gemstones available in jewelry today, the allure and striking color is second to none.

write by John Davis