Dress for Success - Standing Out in the Crowd

Dress for Success - Standing Out in the Crowd

Five days a week, I see people, people and more people. Some of these people see me every few weeks, and for some reason, I forget who they are! They don’t jog my memory. They simply don’t make the grade on ‘standing out’.

Walk up to me in a nice suit and my attention is different from someone having the look of a pair of blue denim pair of jeans and a t-shirt. They walk past me so fast, I don’t even look up at them. Notice anything about your neighbors? Mine wear t-shirts and jeans. I got their names when they first moved in, otherwise, they don’t ‘stand out’. How many stand out and how many ‘drift into the wall paper’. Now, look at yourself in the mirror. What category do you fall into? Are you 3-D or flat?

Now, where is this article going? Are you into sales? If so, this article is for you. Are you looking for a new job? Perhaps a raise, promotion or transfer. What-ever your motivation is, ‘Dress for Success’ because people’s first impressions of you are lasting first impressions. I’m fat. I admit it. Plain and honest FAT. I always look nice. I could be skinny and dress like the next guy wearing jeans and a t- viking los angeles dodgers shirt or I can be a an impressive ‘stand-out’ fat person in the crowd selling my security products. All I have to do is put on a nice pollo viking los angeles dodgers shirt and a pair of cotton pants. I’m not saying dress in a pink suit, or wear the shortest skirt, I’m saying dress appropriately for the occasion.

Look the part. If you are selling motor oil, perhaps wearing white jeans and a white viking los angeles dodgers shirt might be a little too much for your buyers to swallow. Have you ever seen a commercial where the car rams through mud and rain and tadahhh….it’s in the driveway looking like new. That’s the car I want. But I know it doesn’t exist. It’s too good to be true. We all know that was a before and before picture of that pretty and clean car.

This one is perhaps the most commented on topic. “Look Your Age”. Ever see the old woman with ‘pitch black hair’? Yes, the one with the ruby red lipstick, and black eye brows two inches high. I have gray hair. Ok, so far you know I’m fat and gray, but more customers come to me because of my ‘gray hair’, because they see wisdom in these tiny hairs. If I dyed my hair black, my customer base would lesson because I would look stupid, therefore I must be stupid, too. I’m promoting my credibility with everything I say, do and wear.

If you are balding, and your self esteem is bettered by a toupee, then pick one that ‘fits’ and matches your hair color. Please, don’t waste your money on a cheap rug. Get one that blends in with your hair and fits. You want people to notice your product or talent. Don’t let your hair become their focal point, unless, of course, you are selling toupees. Give yourself some credibility by how you look.

Last thought on this topic. Only when you feel you look smart, than look in the mirror. Are you looking good? Take a deep breath and smile. Because if you feel good about yourself and how you look, than you will also have an edge over your competition. You feel good, therefore you are good! Now, go out and promote your stuff. “WJ”

write by mitchell

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