Discover 5 Strategies to Drastically Reduce Underarm Sweat - Stop Excessive Sweating Problems Today

Discover 5 Strategies to Drastically Reduce Underarm Sweat - Stop Excessive Sweating Problems Today

It’s frustrating and embarrassing when you constantly have to deal with excessive underarm sweat. Not a moment goes by during the day when you aren’t self-conscious and dreading someone noticing the perspiration seeping through your shirt. Like you, I’ve dealt with the problems associated with nonstop perspiration. You can apply antiperspirant several times a day, and it seems like you just sweat more. As you read every word of this article you will discover real tips to reduce underarm sweat for good.

  1. Deodorant does not reduce underarm sweat. So many people keep putting on deodorant alone thinking it will stop perspiration. Remember, deodorant only reduces body odor, it does nothing on its own to stop you from sweating. So don’t rely on deodorant.
  2. Apply antiperspirants at night after a warm shower. Antiperspirant uses chemicals to effectively clog your underarm sweat pores. If you apply antiperspirant at night after a soothing, warm shower, your pores are more open and the antiperspirant can do its job more effectively.
  3. Stop using antiperspirant if it is not helping. If you have been using antiperspirant for years and you continue to experience profuse underarm wetness, you may want to go without antiperspirant for a few days. Some people get the reverse effect expected from using these products. I used this tactic and found that my underarms sweat much less when I stay away from antiperspirants.
  4. Use sweat shields. These are pads you can wear on your armpits. They won’t really reduce underarm sweat, but they do keep the wetness from soaking through your clothes. They aren’t super-comfortable to wear, but they can help.
  5. If all else fails, seek out a more in-depth program. A physician may be able to help you. There are also programs available that offer effective alternatives that can reduce underarm sweat

If you’ve tried some of the steps above and are still dealing with the embarrassing effects of profuse underarm sweating, don’t give up hope. There are programs that can help you win the battle against sweat. You can get past this problem and move on to living a normal life.

You are finally ready to stop your excessive sweating issues aren’t you?

write by Manfred