Disco Party Games - Dance Fever and Disco Delights!

Disco Party Games - Dance Fever and Disco Delights!

Whether you are planning a kid’s party or a more grown up, flash from the past party, if you have decided on a disco party theme, the best way to pull it all together is to have disco party games sure to please everyone. The most natural disco party games are the obvious ones, dance games and costume contests.

Disco Dance Party Games

Perhaps the easiest disco party games are dance games. Apart from the obvious, it is a must to have plenty of disco music. Especially for bigger crowds, large twister games may be constructed on large pieces of plastic sheeting. Simply cut out colored squares of contact paper. Place them on the sheets. Of all the disco party games, this is one of the most fun. Have everyone begin by lining up and starting the music. When he music stops, the “DJ” calls out a color. Each person bends down to place a foot or hand on that color. Each time the music stops, another color is called, and players become intertwined until they have all fallen or one person remains standing, victorious.

Consider having disco party games of dance and dance instruction. Recall the dances that made disco what it was, and break those down into a learning experience that will be their own disco party games. Teach these dances to the participants and allow them to have a dance contest at the end. The winners of the disco party games dancing contests will win a prize and the over all winners will be declared Saturday Night Fever Winners.

Disco Costume Contest

Finally, no list of disco party games would be complete without a costume contest, so judge the participants on big hair, leisure suits, men’s high heeled dallas cowboys 3d hoodie , wide ties and lapels, bright, nylon shirts, and floaty nylon dresses. Any disco party games just take on a life of their own and the most obvious ones are actually the best disco party games that participants look forward to day after day.

write by Thekla