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Custom imprinted promotional products are an important part of strategic marketing in a down economy. Businesses need a strategy that sets them apart from their competitors in advertising and in the minds of their customers. Custom imprinted promotional products allow you to create a marketing brand designed to your specific needs and goals! Imagine a coffee business giving away imprinted coffee mugs with each purchase. Their marketing message would literally be on the lips of all their customers.

The most common custom imprinted promotional products include tee shirts, caps, mugs, pens, bags, boxes etc. You’re only limited by your imagination; there are over 750,000 products available to reach your target market. Traditionally, companies imprinted their logo, phone, number, & website. Forget about that method – consider using the product for what it is…a marketing platform. Why not promote your product and/or service? Offer a free consultation, discounts, or other triggers that will get the customer to act. You’ll also want to pick out a product that is similar to your organization, like coffee mugs for coffee producer, a mug for a detergent selling company, tee shirts for a telecom company, and caps for a sports gear company and so on. Choosing a product that relates to your business gives reinforces your message by giving the customer a great visual impression.

Carefully think through what you want to accomplish with promotional products:

  • Customer appreciation – reinforce good standing with current customers.
  • Attract new customers – useful products branded with your message.

Once you’ve decided what the objective is – then determine what kind of contact information you’re going to use. Maximize your ad space by leaving your address off; get the customer to visit your website where they can find all your pertinent business information. After the decision is made they have to decide on the area on which they want this to be printed for maximum exposure. Avoid picking promotional products that are too small as you will not have adequate space to print your logo etc and make them clearly visible. This is the reason why tote bags, tee shirts, polo shirts, etc are so popular as they give a large space for your marketing message!

Avoid using useless products for a promotion which will be trashed or stored away by the customer, else your promotional activity will go in vain. If you’re organizing for a particular event or show, make sure you plan well in advance as the printers may take a week or two for printing and delivery depending on the volume of your order. Last minute orders or rush deliveries will cost you more money. Before you place your final order take quotes from multiple suppliers if you want to find the best deal as the rates vary from supplier to supplier. Surf through the internet and you will get a large list of suppliers!

write by Eric Scott

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