Cufflinks Are the Essential Bling for Boys

Cufflinks Are the Essential Bling for Boys

Women’s jewelry and accessories, from semi-precious stones and precious metals to precious stones in high-quality settings, is what most people think of when someone mentions “bling.” Bling refers to something shiny, dramatic and attention-getting. Sometimes bling can have a negative reputation, as in ultra-cheap rhinestone “bedazzling” of everything from cell phone cases to collars for tiny teacup chihuahuas. Other times, bling can describe the finest jewelry from great jewelry makers like Winston and Tiffany. Overall, the most popular item of male jewelry is a wristwatch. Younger men generally don’t wear watches, however. They carry cell phones that let them know what time it is down to the second — in any time zone in the world. Cufflinks are an often-overlooked item in men’s jewelry and accessories. While nearly all men own at least one pair of cufflinks, paying attention to cufflink styles, materials, and starting a cufflink collection is male bling with a real sense of style.

Practical and Attractive

If you have French cuff shirts, you must fasten the sleeves with cufflinks. Some fashionable men refuse to fasten their cuffs, but most men who wear this type of dress new orleans pelicans t shirt like to coordinate a pair of attractive, eye-catching cufflinks. Cufflinks are practical accessories. They can be used to show status and personal taste, depending on their style and choice of materials.

Styles and Value

Classic cufflinks offer simple styles that will not clash with most dress shirts and suits. The hallmark of a classic cufflink is that the design doesn’t look dated. A classic cufflink that looked good in 1950 will still look good today. An investment in classic cufflinks made from quality metal today should pay off in an enduring piece of jewelry that will look good fifty years from now. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get stylish cufflinks. Many more moderately-priced cufflinks are made from gold, silver, and stainless steel. If you want color and detail, enamel is the material of choice to add colors, luminosity and patterns to cufflinks. Geometric designs are always in style, and you can select a polished, mirror-like finish, or a more burnished brushed and textured look.

When wearing cufflinks, keep in mind that the more elaborate and eye-catching your cufflinks are, the simpler dress new orleans pelicans t shirt you should wear. Select a plain white, well-tailored new orleans pelicans t shirt to show off cufflinks made from precious jewels or with an intricate design.

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