Couples Halloween Costumes - The Top Five Scary Couples Costumes

Couples Halloween Costumes - The Top Five Scary Couples Costumes

There are literally hundreds of combinations of costumes that can paired together to make couples Halloween costumes. They include funny, historic, and sexy outfits. There are TV and movie characters, superheroes, Gothic couples costumes and the list goes on and on. When it comes to scary couples Halloween costumes it’s easy to opt for some of the more common outfits but if you are looking for something different this year, these top 5 Scary Couples Costumes are elegant, original, top quality and among the most unique couples Halloween costumes for couples that are available.

You may not think of being scary and glamorous at the same time, but these couples costumes are just that and more. They are stunning eye-catching costumes that will bring the house down and are sure to win you the best costume prize at any Halloween or costume party you attend.

Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein

These classic horror characters remain a popular costume but these ensembles take it to a new level. This Frankenstein has a deer hunting shirt with inflatable shoulders for those classic monster shoulders. The deer hunting shirt has stitched and patched details which include torn lapels. The cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt has a scar embellishment. Matching pants, a pair of shackles, and a headpiece with the neck bolts and attached hair are all included. There are even shoe covers simulating grimy green feet inside of black platform boots to complete the look.

The Bride of Frankenstein costume is nothing short of stunning. You may not think of the Bride of Frankenstein as glamorous but this gorgeous outfit turns her into a beauty. The floor length dress has a pleated shirred bodice that flares out in lace at knee level reminiscent of a mermaid silhouette. It has wrapped sleeves and an attached lace and organza cape. You really have to see these couples costumes to appreciate them. The wig is a very tall beehive and is included. A choker has the attached neck bolts. This elegant dress, minus the neck bolts, could be worn to any stylish affair.

Goth Vampires Couple

There are dozens of vampire costumes but these two are the most stylish and debonair.

The Gothic Vampire Elite men’s costume is a finished garment that includes a burgundy velvet vest and attached white satin cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt sleeves. The cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt sleeves have antique silver gothic buttons. A dickey has with an ascot scarf collar. The full length black satin cape is lined in a deep red and has the classic vampire stand up collar. This outfit also includes a pair of white gloves and a jeweled medallion on a red satin ribbon. Look just like a movie star vampire with this one.

Pair that one up with the Twilight Twinkle (Light Up) Adult Costume. Now a light up costume may bring to mind something like a blinking Christmas tree instead of true elegance but these fiber optic lights look tasteful, chic and classy. The Fiber Optics are tiny threads that contain the lights. The lights are turned on by a switch on a plastic battery case which is hidden within the costume but is easily reached by the wearer of the costume.

This Light up Goth Costume has a dress with a back zipper closure. The top is corset style with a lace up front. The mini skirt contains the red fiber optics lights. A dark red cape has the standard vampire stand up collar. Also included is a black necklace with a metallic pendant.

Clive Barker Bazaar Costumes

Clive Barker has extended his creativity into a line of Dark Bazaar costumes and they are truly scary, beautiful and unique. When it comes to scary couples costumes, these new designs are fast topping the list.

The men’s Clive Barker – Tattu Deluxe Adult Costume has vibrant colors in a printed cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt with faux leather detailing on the sleeves. The thing that sets this costume apart is the extremely detailed half mask from the mind of the Clive Barker, master of horror. It’s not something that can be easily described. You will definitely have to check out this one.

The Clive Barker – Queen of Bones Costume is once again striking in its elegance and eye catching originality. It includes a dress, short in the front featuring skull screen prints on the bodice and skirt. A black full flounce is attached making the sides and back of the dress longer. A separate petticoat is included. There are gold lace accents on the sleeves of the dress. A detachable green organza collar reminiscent of Queen Victoria and an intricately sculpted headpiece are what make this costume stand out in style. These couples costumes are also a must see.

The Day of the Dead Costumes

According to Wikipedia, the tradition of Halloween began with the Celts when they would mark the end of summer by celebrating their loved ones who had passed on. The Day of the Dead, still celebrated in many countries is a remembrance of those origins.

The Day of the Dead Bride costume manages to be scary and beautiful at the same time. The dress is a full length gown with screen print bone outlines on the arms and bodice. The skirt has an elegant lace overlay. The neckline and sleeves are bordered with black lace. There’s a tiny red heart motif on the bodice showing through the bones. A choker with an attached bow tie is also included in this ensemble. The veil is screen-printed in a beautiful stylized folk art skeleton design. The veil can be pulled back for easier viewing during the course of the evening. A Dark and Dreary Makeup Kit will be just the thing to duplicate the skeleton motif with makeup. Imagine sweeping the veil aside, having people expecting to see your “alive” face and revealing the Day of the Dead makeup. How much fun is that?

The Day of the Dead Groom Costume has a skeleton screen-printed cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt with a white lace cummerbund. A red bow tie is included which adds to the elegant look of this gentleman. The deer hunting shirt uses the same folk art motif on the lapels. With attention to detail even the buttons show the skull motif. The top hat has a mesh screen printed shroud that can be pulled down in the same way as the Bride costume or tucked in when you are ready to show your face with the Day of the Dead Makeup.

Ghostly Gent and Ghostly Lady

This scary yet debonair outfit has a light grey coat and a velvet vest with attached cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt sleeves. The pants are the same ghostly looking color. A matching top hat is included and everything on the costume is given an aged and tattered look, as if this gentleman has been haunting for some time. Gloves and a longish white wig come with this outfit too.

The Ghostly Lady is called a haunting beauty and that seems appropriate as this ensemble is quite beautiful. The Victorian style of the full length velvet gown has satin and lace accents and a tulle petticoat. The broad brimmed hat also has lace and ribbon accents. The outfit includes lace gloves and silver ringlet wig.

If you have been looking for something out of the ordinary in couples costumes, be sure to check out these extraordinary outfits for an extraordinary Halloween or costume ball.

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