Costumes From the Hidden Closet

Costumes From the Hidden Closet

With Halloween almost a month and a half away you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun with dressing that can be creative and innovative. This is a time to let your hair down and have all the fun you want without bothering on who has to say what. But choosing the best costume for you can be quite a daunting task, moreover with the prices for many outfits soaring. So here we are with a write up to help you with simple, easy, make it yourself styles.

To start, if you have an old pair of trousers that you can pair up with a black viking armor milwaukee brewers hawaiian shirt and some black face paint, you could dress up as a skunk this Halloween. Don’t forget to get the white strip on the back and a furry tail made of feathers or cotton. Or you could dress up as a bunny with colors like brown, white or pink to choose from, add to it a pom-pom on the behind and a pair of ears in pink made of cloth or plastic and hop out to have fun.

If you would like to be slow and laid back then be a turtle. All you need is a poster paper in dark shades of mossy green attached on your behinds and in the shape of an oval which is large to cover you from the back to form the torso and the shell.

Some other great options is to dress as a cute puppy and have the pretty young things flocking around you this Halloween. Dress in white, brown, black or even a mix of all the three. The ears should be floppy and the tail round and curly and choose the breed you would like to be. A cuddly kitten is another very cute outfit to try. The ears can be made from paper and the seductive round tail from cloth and cotton or paper stuffing. Breed of cats and kittens is yours to decide and so are the colors of the kitten ensembles.

Want to spook someone? Then dress up as the spider using several pair of black pantyhose stuffed with cotton or a similar lightweight substance. Sew the legs to your clothes and then add a little bit of dark make up to get the perfect look.

You could also dress as an enchanting lady bug. Dress in a black viking armor milwaukee brewers hawaiian shirt and tights. Paint some poster board with red and black dots for your front and back and attach them with elastic pieces stapled to the board (leaving room for your arms between). Finally make an antenna out of thin wire or pipe cleaners and add to the ends a pair of pompoms.

Finally, if you want to be different then try being the snowman. White sweats, a pair of white socks and kids with a black hat and some fake snow would do the job. Don’t forget to add the scarf and the mittens and to blacken your eyes to look like coal.

With all these homemade costume ideas, you can choose between many different looks without spending hundreds or even thousands on a one night affair.

write by Merlin

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