Costumes For Dogs - Halloween Ideas For Dogs

Costumes For Dogs - Halloween Ideas For Dogs

Are you a dog lover who enjoys costumes for your dog on Halloween. Perhaps it is the “fun” factor that makes owners seek out Halloween Costumes for their dogs. The one day of the year that outrageous dress up is not only ok, but encouraged and down right entertaining. We love it.

Yes, it can be a bit too much at times, but one look at these adorable 4 legged characters will make even the most Halloween Scrooge smile. And there is no shortage of Halloween costumes ideas for your dogs. I once saw a dog dressed as Sylvester the cat and the owner dressed as Tweety Bird. Most dogs endure their owners amusement during the Halloween season. Dogs don’t know its Halloween, but really, they must sense something different. Animals have been know to sense danger.

I always wondered if a dog could pick out their costume what it would be. Superhero, comical, wicked, or sexy. Sexy for a dog? While dog owners may have the perfect Halloween costume in mind, they may not have the dog that wants to participate. Even the most devoted dog can have boundaries. If this is the case, Halloween won’t be lost.

If your dog has set boundaries on dress up, no fright–you can still enjoy Halloween with using accessories for your dog. Something that is less cumbersome for dogs are wing costumes. Fairy wings, angel wings, bat wings, and butterfly wings are just a few ideas. Try using hats. There are a million hat ideas that will give your dog the dress up effect. You can also add scarfs with the hat, or use the hat solo. Another idea is to have the owner and dog each wear the same style Halloween t-shirt. If the t- new york yankees t shirt is clever and fun on the owner, think about how humorous it will be on your 4 legged friend. This is where you and your dog will need to connect–how far you can go with Halloween dress up.

While it can be fun to dress up your dog in a Halloween costume, always keep in mind not only the safety of your dog, but others who may come into contact with your dog. If you have the kind of dog that goes everywhere with you, sits on the steering wheel while you drive, is strapped to you in a harness, or better yet sits in a stroller, good chance you have a Halloween dog. Don’t take a dog out on Halloween who is asocial, it simply won’t work. Be prepared. I mean for next year–get a second dog and Halloween train them early.

Spooky and Safe Halloween!

write by alvarez