Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Looking Hip

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Looking Hip

Hip Costumes. Everyone wants their costume to be cool, but hip is more than cool. That fabulous super hero costume you spent months putting together doesn’t mean much if you’re one of ten people with the same costume idea. To be hip, you need to think outside the box. And we’re here to help. Here are four tips to help make your costume more than cool.

1. Think outside the box. Super heroes, vampires, and pirates are all common costumes. Common isn’t hip, so consider something unusual. When in doubt, visit your favorite online costume site, and browse their costumes. Often, you can find a costume, or partial costume, that you could turn into something unusual. Also consider a second hand store, as there are many great vintage sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ cầu thang) options that could be turned into costumes.

2. Less is more. You don’t need an elaborate costume, full face makeup, and a wig to be totally decked out for Halloween. Sometimes, a few props are all you need to give the impression of what you’re trying to be. If you’re going as a silent movie star, for example, you might carry a cigarette in a holder, or wear a faux fur wrap. You don’t need both items, and a purse, and several other things.

3. Make your own costume. Store bought costumes are nice enough, but a really cool, hip costume is handmade. If you can’t sew, consider simple, no sew options, or try and commission someone to help you out. That ensures your costume will be unique, and if you’re considering a costume out of our fourth suggestion, it will add a special something that it might not have otherwise.

4. Consider a play on words. Anyone can be Snow White or Superman, but how many people do you know dress as “too much time on my hands” or a head trip? Those sorts of costumes can often be made without a lot of work or money, and they’re great for busy people, or those who don’t consider themselves all that crafty.

5. When it doubt, dress as a hipster. Find yourself some skinny jeans, an obscure band t shirt, old school sneakers, and perhaps some thick rimmed glasses. For authenticity, consider shopping at a second hand store or consignment shop, as a number of hipsters often shop at these locations. When in doubt of what to wear, Google’s image search, and YouTube videos should provide references.

write by Barrett