Choose Your Seeds Carefully

Choose Your Seeds Carefully

Donny Sunflower was a successful New Age teacher. “You must be holistic,” he would say, “and fill your heart and mind with universalness.” Because he understood the reach of what he said, he loved to hear himself talk like this. And because his followers did not understand the reach of what he said, they loved to listen to his profound messages.

He had talked much about Karma lately. He could feel something that resembled impatience. Surely, the universe would take care of an enlightened servant? Why hadn’t Karma provided money to cover the bills after the incident with his cat?

Donny was convinced that his cat, Astral Traveler, was a power animal. That their souls were connected. To make it look spiritual, he made it wear a dress of beautifully woven copper thread, with crystals attached to the sides.

Being a regular housecat, Astral Traveler chased anything that moved, but he didn’t catch much because of his cumbersome outfit. One day he had followed a mouse through the basement of the building next door. This was a facility for computational research, and there was a big supercomputer in one of the rooms. Astral Traveler had jumped through a hole in the wall, part of the ventilation system for the supercomputer, and ended up inside the supercomputer. Normally, this shouldn’t be too problematic for a cat. It just needs to remain calm and try not to be electrically conductive. But this was an excited copper-coated cat. The inevitable short circuit destroyed a very expensive computer and a cat.

Donny lit some incense and placed a crystal on the table in front of him. “Despair and darkness consuming my aura. Months have passed since my cat passed. Karma, I ask for financial guidance.”

The crystal cracked open, and a tiny, barefoot man stepped out. He had dirty jeans, a flannel shirt, and a wide-brimmed hat. “Hi there, partner,” he said cheerfully, “I’m Jerome Karma. You called?”

Donny was shocked that it had worked. And he was shocked that he was shocked, because this meant he had doubted himself. But most of all, he was shocked by the appearance of this non-spiritual looking tiny cowboy standing in front of him on the table.

Donny tried to sound calm and dignified while explaining.

“Stupid humans,” Karma laughed, “always reading too much into the simplest things. You reap what you sow.”

“But I have sown. I am a true being of light.”

Karma shook his head. “You have sown a lot of ‘talk profoundly about nothing,’ but you need to sow ‘less financial trouble caused by cat,’ my friend.”

“Huh? I don’t see how… What about the gestalt frequency of spirituality?”

“Sorry, not my department,” Karma said, “but I can open a gate and let him up here, if you believe you’re ready.”

Donny decided it was best to leave it. From this day, he talked notably less about Karma.

write by Elysia

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