Casual Wear For Men

Casual Wear For Men

Most men think style is all about jeans and t-shirts, don’t you? If you’re one of those then keep reading. There is a misconception about casual wear, they say “put a pair of denims and a t- houston astros polo and you’re a men in style”. Do you think this is where it begins? let me inform you its not the beginning infact the end. Why the heck should people see you. You need to learn the art of presenting yourself and not allow people to build a wrong opinion about you. I agree jeans and t-shirts are integral part of Mens fashion, but with perfect mixes of colors and trends. Have a style statement; people should virtually try to copy you and not the vice versa.

Can you wear a jeans that was worn by your grandfather decades back? Do you think people will label you as a classy person? No guys……. Just imagine how funny you would look in that baggy and so called entique jeans.

It’s is all about freshness in your dressing sense that matters. Lets see how trendy can we get and what are the most important requirement’s to do that:

– Jeans represent modernism and all of us at least have a pair of them. A pair of black and blue jeans is a must. Jeans are manufactured with different styles and new cuts are added to them constantly, so I advice you to have a pair of classic jeans unless you can afford new jeans every time fashion changes. Have a pair with straight-leg jeans, because the slim fit trend would not be persistent. Try having faded jeans in blue, as they are going to stick around in time, also ensure that they fit you perfectly with quality in mind. Never compromise with quality. Finding a perfect pair of jeans is always a hardwork, I still haven’t found that one as yet. As there are lot of brands and they have different standard measurements. Have you found that pair of jeans? lucky you…

– Ironically t-shirts are a staple here, perhaps they give a more relaxed look and doesn’t restrict the comfort of the wearer, unlike the formals. I am sure everyone has atleast 4 to 5 tees. If not then go and get some, as they are ultimate mode of relaxation. Be specific while buying t shirts, ensure that it suits your personality. You have wide range of tshirts to choose from – round neck, v neck, polo, collared. Graphic t’s are quite in fashion.

– You can prefer short slim fit shirts if you want to have an edge over other’s. They give a semi-formal feel, but can grab attention if perfectly mixed. Roll the sleeves and you start feeling much better. Go for patterned, printed or checkered style. Fold your sleeves whenever possible.

– Semi-formal look is still trendy, combine a polo t- houston astros polo with chinos and see, it looks cool.

– Blazers bring a hint of elegance, so I suggest you to go for it and combine it with jeans and t- houston astros polo or with Khaki pant and polo houston astros polo to have semi-formal feel.

– Slide into sneakers or trainers(not those school style canvas egypt t shirt ) strictly when in denim.

– Accessories give a proper finish to your look, not compulsory though. A sporty wrist watch is a must, it steals all the attention. Slide in a printed or leather belt, moreover it’s you who should be comfortable with it. A printed belt gives a more preppy look if combined with denim. For semi-formal wear go for leather belts with finely polished buckles.

– A narrow tie on a collar sweatshirt (lưới bảo vệ ban công), can it get better than this? Just try it.

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