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Breakfast Burritos Recipe – Simple To Make and Tastes Great

Every day people sit down to breakfast and have one of several breakfast meals. There is cold cereal of course, maybe with a muffin. If you want to spend a few more minutes preparing a hot meal you might go for the bacon and eggs with toast on the side. Well, there has been a revolution in food that has brought tortillas and Mexican food into the average household. It is time to use those ingredients for breakfast.

This is your basic recipe. There are no exact amounts that are correct. Make it to your liking. For two people, three eggs and one medium potato will do. When you add the potato it stretches the recipe. If you have more people around just increase your amounts. Easy!

Breakfast Burritos


Kielbasa Style Sausage

Potato, cooked and chopped/ or frozen Potatoes O’Brien from the grocery store

Bell Pepper, chopped

Red Onion, chopped

Jack or Cheddar cheese

Eggs, raw and scrambled with a little milk

Flour Torillas


Tobasco Sauce

When preparing your ingredients chop your Keilbasa sausage last so you don’t get the meat on your cutting board and knife before chopping everything else.

Here is a recommended order to prepare your ingredients.

Eggs: When you take your eggs out of the refrigerator they are cold and will scramble better if they are slightly warmed. Put them in a bowl with luke warm water for a few minutes before you crack them. You’ll notice how much easier they come out of the shell. Prepare your other ingredients.

Potato: Wash it thoroughly, pierce, wrap in plastic wrap and microwave until done. Unwrap carefully, watching for hot steam and place on cutting board. Cut in half or quarters and let it cool a little. Cut into small cubes. Option: Purchase frozen cubed potatoes known as Potatoes O’Brien. They also have some bell peppers and onions in them. If you use frozen potatoes, defrost just the amount you’re going to use in a microwave. They’ll cook a lot faster and more evenly.

Bell Pepper and Onion: Chop

Cheese: Slice some up.

Kielbasa Sausage: Chop into small pieces.

Eggs: Crack them into a bowl to scramble with a fork. Season with a little salt and pepper if desired, but not too much. Remember, the Kielbasa has seasoning and salt in it.

Okay, you’re ready for the frying pan now!

1. Heat the frying pan and melt a little butter in it.

2. Add Keilbasa and brown. Leave the grease in the pan. It’s not much grease and will brown your potatoes nicely.

3. Add potato cubes and brown.

4. Add bell pepper and onion. Don’t overcook.

5. Add eggs.

6. Add a heaping spoonful of salsa. Keep turning mixture until eggs are almost done.

7. Lay cheese slices on top of mixture. Turn heat off and cover for 5 minutes. Eggs will firm up and cheese will melt.

Tortillas: Heat in toaster oven until they start to pop up a little. Scoop egg mixture into warm soft flour shells. Top with guacamole, and tobasco sauce. Sour cream too if you like.

write by Andrew Caccam

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