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What’s in a name? When it comes to promotions, the brand of promotional gifts used matters a lot to the promotional endeavour of every business to such an extent that it can actually decide the fate of the business in the market. If the products are made by a popular company, the business can easily benefit from it. Using branded products turned into Promotional T Shirts make it easy for any business to establish its fame in the market. This means that all the business had to do is to take things from there; no more starting from zero. So what are the commonly used brands of T shirts in promotions? Here are some:

  • Hanes is perhaps the most expensive and the most elegant T shirt brand used in promotions. Hanes is known for its pre-shrunk shirts, and they recently introduced a variant whose collar does not bacon. As a testament to the popularity of the brand, Hanes is endorsed by no less than Michael Jordan who is considered as among the greatest people to ever play basketball.
  • Gap is also another popular brand of Promotional T Shirts. Gap is known for the quality of their shirts and also for comfort and design. The brand is popular across young professionals and also as a sportswear for many college students. The best benefit of using Gap T shirts in promotions is that their shirts often come in one colour, which makes it easy to print the marks of a business on it.
  • Jockey is another of the common Promotional T Shirts brands commonly used in promotions. Although there are Jockey shirts also intended for women, majority of these are actually intended for men. This is evident in the design of the shirts, which highlight masculinity.
  • Benetton is another of the branded products usually seen in promotions. Benetton has its appeal with young professionals especially those that an have inclination for collared shirts. Unlike the others mentioned here, Benetton is more appealing to professionals because it portrays a professional image and a clean cut design. This is appealing to business companies seeking to establish themselves in the same mould.

Buying the right promotional gifts is important to assure success for a business in promotions. In the case of Promotional T Shirts, the importance is on the fact that these are the very representation of the business in the market. How the people react to it will severely affect the fate of the business.


write by Athelstan