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Betty Boop is one in all those classic cinema divas of earlier Hollywood days. She has become one of the leading original trend setters of our time and one of the most loved fashion cartoon icons in history.

Betty was distinctive from different female cartoon characters. She was portrayed as a sexual woman. She is not like the other feminine cartoon characters of the time that were given a funny or juvenile approach like Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck.

Most cartoon characters that had a female version as well were derived from the male personalities. Minor changes were made to the names, outfits, facial characteristics like eyelashes and the addition of a feminine voice.

One of the standard options of the Betty Boop cartoon series were her encounters with several of the leading benchmark cartoon figures of the 1930’s. like Popeye the Sailor. These appearances were designed to push the recordings of the celebrities on the dominant label, which co-jointly distributed the Betty Boop series.

These days loads of hand painted Betty Boop figurines are available everywhere. You may find these figurines online or in novelty and souvenir shops or in malls. If you’re yearning for collectors’ item figurines, you can check out auction websites where people put up their figurines for bidding.

Limited edition Betty Boop figurines have also been created and are available for an extremely low cost. Look for figurines where there is a very low number in the entire series (less than 100 is ideal) and preferably with a certificate of authentication, original packaging and signed by the artist if appropriate.

Our love for Betty Boop began way back in the 1980s when the rights became available for merchandising products. There was a plethora of products manufactured and created and her popularity became worldwide with the cameo role she enjoyed in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Since the 1980’s the merchandising has been expanded to cover everything imaginable like shirts, notebooks, laptop covers, pillows, kitchenware and a lot more.

Betty Boop has some attraction for children but it really is adults that are leading the charge to collect her. Many adults can’t explain their fascination with this cartoon character that no doubt they were not alive for when the original cartoon series was shown in the 1930’s. Baby boomers are leading the collector charge using their disposal income to collect faces of Betty, clothing, bags and of course figurines and statues.

Figurines make a perfect gift for a fan or a great gift to give yourself for your own collection. The figurines are extremely delicate and finely made which could be the reason that they are so collectible. Another reason is that they come in a number of different themes and styles so if you like Biker Betty you can collect just that style. If you like the Marilyn look then you have enough in the theme to collect that style or any of her others. Or, if you can’t make up your mind then you can just collect all of them like I do!

Holding an exquisitely produced figurine is like holding a piece of the animated film history in your hands.

Be very careful when you buy collectibles of Betty Boop. There are a lot of imitations out there. Before you find yourself buying online, make sure to read the reviews given to the seller. This will tell you if the seller is legitimate or not. If they say that the item is limited edition, make sure to find out more about the edition and do some research on the genuiness of the article.


write by rodriguez