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Besides looking much cooler than your grandmother’s washing machine, front-loading washers are often built with top-of-the-line features that increase washing performance and the overall laundry experience. When you peel back the candy-coated paint color, there are several components that make some of the front-loading machines better than the rest. Here are some of the best front load washing machines on the market.

The King of Clean in this category is easily the Samsung WF520. This washer has an almost unmatched capacity of 5.0 cubic feet and moves quietly and efficiently thanks to it’s Vibration Reduction Technology PLUS system. It works on a direct drive motor operation and has proved to be efficient in both energy and water use. In addition to having Samsung’s steam washing system, it also has PowerFoam technology which allows the machine get your favorite shirt clean 40 times faster than most washers. Advanced technology like this costs a pretty penny, but shopping around may land you with your own WF520 for much less than the MSRP.

The Kenmore 4027 is a top pick for it’s energy star rating and great features at a more budget-friendly price. Though it has less room than the Samsung, it still has the same direct drive motor and a Vibration Guard that puts the phrase squeaky clean out of business. The unit can be stacked on a matching dryer or a drawer pedestal which will raise the machine to a more manageable height. This model also has Kenmore’s 4-Motion Smart Wash Technology which allows you to optimize the cleaning of whatever you have spinning in the machine. Though not quite a King of Clean, the Kenmore 4027 is a very suitable second.

At the bottom of the list is the Whirlpool WFW9750. As oxymoronic as it sounds, the Whirlpool is the nicest front-loading machine on the market, but it’s luxury-like status has earned it a price tag to match. There’s no worry with a Whirlpool and this model has Energy Star certification which it earned for using 77 percent less water and 81 percent less energy than the average washing machine. It’s unique and exquisite features include: a Direct Inject wash system that treats clothing before washing, NightQuiet mode that directs the machine to run slower so it barely makes a sound, FanFresh for venting the tub after every cycle, a cleaning cycle for the machine and Oxi Dispense to enable the cleaning power of oxygen, eliminating the need for bleach. And most importantly for those of us who have stopped a laundry load to shower only to discover our clothes soaked and sudsy the next day, this unit has an internal water heater. Showers and laundry can finally be crossed off your To Do List simultaneously.

Washing machines have come a long way from beige-colored beasts that walked across the room with all the thunderous noise of a stampede. Whatever your budget or washing needs are, be assured that your needs will be met if you choose to purchase one of the best front load washing machines on the market.

write by STEVE BROWN

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