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1)Webmasters enjoy working at night when no one else is around and it is quiet. Ninjas work at night under the cover of darkness.

2)Ninjas where tight fitting black clothing and black shoes. Webmasters wear tight fitting black T-shirts.

3)Ninjas rely on cunning skill and black magic tricks to accomplish their mission. Webmasters often resort to black hat SEO tricks in order to get their pages ranked well in Google and Yahoo.

4)Ninjas use smoke bombs to disappear. Webmasters are much more advanced in this area. They do not even need smoke bombs. They often disappear without notice. You have a better chance of getting a Ninja on the phone in 2005 than you do your programmer.

5)Ninjas use deception as a tactic to confuse and spread fear. Webmasters deceive everyone. Only they can understand their massive file structures.

6)Ninjas use their special insight to view the source of their enemy’s power. Webmasters use ‘view source’ as an age old intelligence gathering technique about their enemy.

7)Ninjas use a secret code to communication to other ninjas. Webmasters use heavily coded languages to IM other designers. No one has any idea what they are talking about.

8)Ninjas have been known to throw sharp metallic objects when encountering an enemy. Webmasters have been known to throw metallic data processing units across the room when encountering a blue screen.

9)Ninjas are hired because the client doesn’t want to confront the enemy himself. Webmasters are hired because the client doesn’t want to confront “HTML for beginners” himself.

write by Joyce

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