Ankle and Wrist Bracelet Tattoos - Tips and Ideas For Stylish Tattoo Designs

Ankle and Wrist Bracelet Tattoos - Tips and Ideas For Stylish Tattoo Designs

Bracelet tattoos can either be done around the wrist or around the ankle as if mimicking an anklet. Whether it will be tattooed around the ankle or the wrist, the best thing about this tat theme is the fact that it can serve as a permanent body accessory and can create a trendy and stylish look. In this article, we will be discussing possible designs for creating a pretty and interesting bracelet kind of body ink.

A wrist bracelet tattoo is a fun idea to work with because of the myriads of possibilities. You can create an actual bracelet design like the ones with chains or charms around it. The charms can be relevant symbols like heart, zodiac sign glyph or stars. For those who are religious or would want to show their spiritual side, rosary beads would be a great idea. The problem with wrist bracelet tattoo is it cannot be easily hidden when the need arises, for example when work calls for it. One has to wear a long-sleeve navy veteran t shirt in order to do that;other ways would be to put on actual chunky bracelets or wrist bands.

Ankle bracelet tat are much easier to conceal compare to the wrist tat. Classic styles like tribal lines and Celtic art would always look fascinating on one’s ankle. Nature-inspired designs like florals, vines and leaves tattooed repeatedly around one’s ankle can always represent one’s love for nature.

When going with this tat theme, just bear in mind that they are more painful compare to the other body parts. They are both bony area so there are less fats to serve as padding during the tattooing process. When pain becomes intolerable during the process, always remember that you will soon be rewarded with a bracelet tattoo design that you have been wanting to have. As they say, no pain no gain so it will sure be worth it in the end.

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