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The Hawaiian culture is one of the most honorable and beautiful in the world. If you want to host an Aloha party, the best place to begin is with a short lesson in the meaning of the word. Aloha is really an acronym that is the embodiment of all the Hawaiian people hold dear. Aloha means both hello and goodbye, but it means so much more.

A: ala, watchful alertness

L: lokahi, working in unity

O: oia’i’o, truthfulness and honesty

H: ha’aha’a, humility

A: ahonui, patient perseverance

When planning your aloha party, consider creating or purchasing invitations in traditional Hawaiian themes, using authentic Hawaiian words and phrases that you can research easily. Encourage your guests to wear authentic Aloha clothing to your party. Hawaiian print shirts, surfer swim shorts, grass skirts, Mumus, or sarongs all fit the theme perfectly. Party activities and party favors can fit right in as well. Inexpensive sunglasses, flip flops that may be decorated, and silk flowers or flower petals that can be used to string leis, so each guests can get into the ALOHA spirit.

Female guests may also pin a flower blossom behind their hair. Single women wear the flower behind their right ear, and women that are taken should wear their flower behind their left ear, to further keep with Hawaiin tradition.

The menu need be no more complicated than many of the traditional Hawaiian foods. Simple tables draped in marine blue with fishing nets over the top or raffia grass stapled to the table edges to form grass skirts are normally all the decoration you need. Consider making centerpieces by piling granulated brown sugar ‘sand’ putting a clear glass fish bowl with a brightly colored beta or neon tetra inside and a couple of shells. These centerpieces can be given as prizes for winners of the activities.

Fresh fruits like pineapple, papaya, mango, can be served with macadamia nuts, traditional Hawaiian bread, and tropical punch. Add in poi and pork roast, and you have a traditional aloha party meal fit for any islander.

write by Gwyn

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