Acne on Your Back - How to Get Rid of Those Ugly, Ouchy Back Pimples (And Keep Them Gone)

Acne on Your Back - How to Get Rid of Those Ugly, Ouchy Back Pimples (And Keep Them Gone)

Have you ever dealt with acne on your back that hurts so much that you don’t even really want your houston astros cheaters shirt to touch it (and girls don’t even get me talking about bra straps rubbing those zits)?  I have, and those kind of pimples are not pleasant to say the least.

So how do you get rid of it?

You use a product that is formulated to end body acne and restore your skin to beautiful, touchable clearness.

What to look for in a system (if you want it to work).

There are couple of important elements to a system that treats acne on your back effectively.

The first thing is that you must have the right ingredients included in the system.  There are lots of claims about botanicals and “all natural” formulas to get rid of pimples on your back, but there are only two ingredients that will actually do the job.  The first is benzoyl peroxide and the second is salicylic acid.

While you don’t want to use these ingredients together, you need one or the other to clear your acne up.  Of these two salicylic acid is the clear winner.  It works better at clearing acne, and it is more gentle to your skin.

The next thing you need to consider is how easy the product is to use.  The reality (at least for me) is that I am NOT going to use some crazy, complicated system on my back.  The kind of thing that works best is usually a body wash, because it is easy to use and because it works when it contains the near magical ingredient salicylic acid.

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