50 Great Ways to Motivate and Not Break the Bank

50 Great Ways to Motivate and Not Break the Bank

Quick, Easy, and Even Fun! 1. Smile, say “Hi! How are you doing today?”
2. Regularly invite someone to join you for coffee.
3. Send them flowers, chocolate, a bunch of balloons.
4. Provide a group lunch—pizza, six-foot sub, barbecue.
5. Write someone a thank-you note and put a copy in his/her file.
6. Hand out coupons for an extra 30 minutes for lunch.
7. Make a donation to their favorite charity in their name.
8. Give out tickets to a movie/play/cultural/sporting event.
9. Celebrate achievements with bulletin boards, videos, E-mail.
10. Catch and recognize someone doing something right, not wrong.
11. Write a letter of appreciation to their family.
12. Bake a batch of cookies for someone or for the team.
13. Give limited time off, with pay, when things are slow.
14. Bring a camera to work, get candid shots and post on a humor board.
15. Go to the movies. During lunch or breaks, run a funny movie or TV show.
16. Ask about their interests, family, or weekend activities.
17. Send a company T- los angeles dodgers t shirt or hat to the employee’s child(ren).
18. Walk around with free lunch coupons. Hand out on the spot.
19. Recognize special accomplishments publicly in meetings or celebrations.
20. Hand out life savers, M&M’s, tootsie roll pops, or other appreciation snacks.
21. Get candid shots of people doing good work. Post photos on bulletin boards.
22. Take out an advertisement in a local paper and include their names and pictures.
23. Allow flexible work time so they can participate in outside work-related activities.
24. Have special days. Hold an “ugly tie” or “ugly sweater” day. Award joke prizes for the winners.
25. Give them a surprise for their work area—a desk organizer, a picture or poster, a new mouse pad. Communication and Involvement 26. Listen 80% of the time and talk 20%.
27. Actively make a point to speak to all staff each day.
28. Ask them, “What am I doing that gets in your way?”
29. Ask them, “What can I do to help you with your job?”
30. Give information to staff after management meetings.
31. Let them attend a meeting in your place.
32. Sponsor membership in a professional group.
33. Give a subscription to a work-related periodical.
34. Let them “sit-in” with an upper level person for part of a day.
35. Rotate jobs so people can gain new skills and get cross-trained.
36. Arrange for the boss to acknowledge good work.
37. Go to your staff’s work area. Meet them on their turf.
38. Promote individual / team training with time and budget.
39. Provide quarterly updates on relevant business and customer issues.
40. Allow them to exchange positions with someone else in the company for a half-day.
41. Ask staff what rumors they have heard, and address them.
42. Represent reality as it is—people don’t like being fooled or surprised.
43. Involve them in a special project that allows for company exposure and visibility.
44. Ask for their opinions and listen. Many times they have a better “take” of the situation.
45. Get into the “trenches” with your staff. Learn about their jobs– the good’s and the bad’s.
46. Ask staff, “What’s not working, why is it not working and what can be done to fix it?”
47. Ask staff, “What is making our clients/customers the most and/or the least satisfied.”
48. Have a suggestion system – rewards for ideas that actually reduced costs or improved processes.
49. Make them feel part of the team. Help them to move from “It’s not my job,” to “Let’s do it.”
50. Finally, provide more appreciative feedback – good stuff coming more often than the bad stuff. Pick and choose the ones that “fit” your people, your company and your budget. Remember what is one person’s carrot is another’s “yucky” orange vegetable.

write by Alva

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