5 Ways to Stand Out From the Network Marketing Crowd and Become a Leader

5 Ways to Stand Out From the Network Marketing Crowd and Become a Leader

There’s an awful lot of talk going on in the online world right now about how to become a leader in the network marketing industry. True leaders can be picked out from a room full of people. Have you ever had someone walk up to you and say, “Hey, I’ve got a question and you look like the person in charge, so I’ll ask you.” If you’re a leader, you’ve probably experienced this, even in the most random places. Leaders have an air about them. Leaders attract other people, they will come seeking you out.

So, how can you become a leader in network marketing? I’m assuming you’re wondering how to do that since you’re still reading this article. The easiest way to be seen as a leader is to stand out from the crowd. Now, by standing out, I don’t mean that you should look like a fool and draw that kind of attention to yourself. You’re still leading, but you’re leading the wrong way.

Here’s 5 ways you can easily start to stand out from the crowd and start becoming a leader to others.

Way #1 – Start Blogging

Unless you’ve been asleep for the last 6 years, you know that every leader that has an online presence has a blog. And that’s not just reserved to the network marketing arena. It’s everywhere. Your blog is your “nerve center” and the platform that you stand on and shout to the masses. Get started blogging today if you haven’t already.

Way #2 – Start Creating Videos

I still can’t believe there aren’t more people doing online video. The tools that are available now are so cheap and so easy to use, anyone can do it. ANYONE. Start creating some quality videos that provide value to others and you get +5 leadership points. Learn how to market your videos well and you get a +2 melee bonus and the coveted Iron Chainmail Shirt of Money Making added to your collection.

Way #3 – Be everywhere

Want to really start to lead in the network marketing niche? Be everywhere in that niche. Find every popular blog. Subscribe to it. Add comments, tweet posts, share on Facebook. Get on the forums and add your thoughts. Not spam, but thoughts. I thought we’d all have been tired of spam by now, but most of us don’t seem to be. Understand the tools that are out there that will allow you to be in many places at one time without having to do a bunch of extra work. Then, get out there.

Way #4 – Point the way

Use your network of content to point people where you want them to go. People want to be lead. They crave to be lead. They want someone to tell them what to do next. Be that person, show them the way. They will follow.

Way #5 – Take Massive Action

It’s fine to start a blog. It’s good that you’re creating videos. Great step if you’re starting to show up everywhere in your market and that you’re pointing the way that people should go. But you’ve got to take action. Massive action if you want to see real results. Don’t post one time to your blog, post often. Don’t leave one comment on one blog, comment on many. Don’t put your video in one place, upload it to every stinkin’ video site you can find.

Massive action brings massive results and brings you into that leadership position much, much faster.

write by Charmaine